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Push any Registry setting by Microsoft Group Policy:

Our objective is to push an exported registry setting from system to domain systems-

I am going to share my personal experience in this blog-

1. First of all, we have to export setting from a system and convert it to XML.
2. We can convert .reg file to .XML using a PowerShell script. you may download PowerShell from below link-

3. Put Exported registry in any folder and follow command as given in below screenshot.

4. Now go to the domain controller and open group policy management console by command gpmc.msc and create a policy and now we need to edit it to do required settings.
5. Now Just drag the .XML file and drop in Right side blank panel of Registry option.
6. Now you will be asked for select, yes to import the settings. And you can see registry has been imported into group policy.
7. Now close this wizard and run the gpupdate/force where you had applied this policy.
For this example, we had used ODBC setting to apply on all computers in the domain and after gpupdate/force we are able to see ODBC connection are there by Group Policy.
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