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How to get Good Sleep and the Importance of a Good Sleep:

Friends, sleep is a main important thing about our health, If we are not sleeping well we can’t be healthy enough! Good sleep is equally important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. 
Some of the research on sleep has shared their outcome that sleep shows immediate negative effects on our brain function, hormones, and performance of the exercise.
Both, sleeping quality and quantity matters in our life. Int his blog we will describe sleeping tips, sleeping beauty, sleeping direction, etc..

Problems may occur due to insufficient sleep- 

  • Weight gain 
  • Increase disease risk 
  • Unhealthy life
  • Unable to focus on work
  • Deficiency of decision making power
  • A laziness feeling in the day 

Tips for Better Quality and Quantity Sleep: 

1. Reduce your tea and Coffee quantity in the evening:  Both beverage, tea and coffee contain caffeine which stimulates your nervous system and it may stop your body from naturally relaxing while you sleep.

In one study, it was shared that consuming caffeine up to six hours before bed significantly worsened sleep quality.

Caffeine can stay in your blood up to 6–8 hours, therefore, drinking a large amount of tea or coffee in the evening is not recommended especially if you are not having good sleep.

If you love coffee/tea a lot and can’t live without it then go for decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee has 3 times caffeine compare to tea and as per normal calculation, 100gm of tea has 11mg caffeine.

2. Don’t sleep in day time at home or small nap in the office: Although Short naps are good for health but irregular or long napping during the day time can affect our sleep in the night.

If we sleep in the day time it may confuse our brain and you may struggle in the night while trying to sleep.
Although In one of the study says that the nap of 30 min or less in the day time enhances the brain function in the day.
You shouldn’t have to worry if you are able to take a good sleep in night after a nap in the day.

3. Make a habit to speed and awake at a consistent time: If we are able to follow consistency with our sleeping and wake up time, It can improve long term sleep quality.

In a study, I heard that the participant who had irregular sleeping time and went to bed late on the weekends faced poor sleep.
Irregular sleeping pattern sends wrong signals to our brain and we may feel hectic.
If you are struggling with the sleep then make a pattern of waking up and sleep at the similar time daily. As per my experience, you would not need an Alarm clock after some weeks.
4. Try to be in bright light in the day time: Our body has a natural time-keeping clock which affects our hormones, body, and brain, help us to stay awake and tells our body when it’s time to sleep.

Natural sunlight and brain light during the day time help us to keep our system healthy which improves day time energy and nighttime sleep and quality of sleep.

Try to get in sunlight and walk if possible for 15-20 min to get vitamin D if this
is not possible try to arrange bright light tubes or bulb at home or office.

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol: Alcohol affects negatively when we drink at night and can affect our sleep and hormones. 

Alcohol creates a lot of problems related to sleep. It disturbs sleeping patterns and increases the risk of snoring.
In a study, it was told that drinking in night natural nighttime elevations in human growth hormone (HGH), which plays a role in many key functions of our brain and body. 
Never take any dose of sleeping pills as they are very harmful to our health.
6.Beauty Sleep !- What is it? 
As everyone knows that it’s very had to function our best if we are not getting enough sleep. 

so do you know how many hours sleep do we need? As per doctor’s recommendations “Adults need at least 7 to 8 hrs sleep per night. 

The doctor also says that consistently getting more than eight hours of sleep may have dangerous long-term effects such as a neurodegenerative disease.

If we are having full sleep then it increases beauty or you can say glow on our face that’s why it called Beauty sleep. Our face cells need complete time to complete repair system.

Some Extra Bonus Tips to get good sleep and be healthy-

  • you must go to bed 10 minutes earlier than your usual time.
  • If possible take a warm shower before you go to bed.
  • Do relaxing or meditation exercises.
  • Always switch off your cell phone before you go to bed.
Friends, If you feel anything is missed in this blog please comment! We always appreciate your comment. 

Thanks for reading our blog.


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