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Please follow the below steps to start a new Cisco switch configuration?


If you are using an old switch to configure again from starting, you need to clear the switch configuration by using the erase startup-config command or the erase nvram: command in Privileged EXEC mode and then use the reload command to reboot the switch. One switch rebooted, below message will be displayed:

% Please answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]

Type “no” and press ENTER.


Now Type enable at the Switch> command prompt to enter Privileged Exec mode, notice the prompt changes to Switch#

Enter Configuration mode

Switch# Config t (Command to enter in configuration mode)
Switch(config)# hostname Switch1  (Command to change host name)


Configure a password in the switch-

a) First set the enable secret to cisco123(any password) using the following command:

Switch1(config)#enable secret cisco123

b) Next, set the password for all telnet lines to ‘cisco456’ using the following commands:

Switch1(config)#line vty 0 15
Switch1(config-line)#password cisco456


Configure an IP address for the switch-

To be able to manage the switch using telnet, we need to configure it with an IP address. Instead of assigning an IP address to one of the switch ports, we are going to assign an IP address to the Management VLAN.


Create VLAN and add ports in VLAN-

First, we will go to configuration port and type command “vlan 100” to create a VLAN and we are giving VLAN id -100 then name MGMT to assign a name to the VLAN.

Switch1(config)#vlan 100 -> command to create a vlan
Switch1(config-vlan)#name MGMT -> command to assign vlan name
Switch1(config-vlan)#int fa0/13 -> entering in vlan to add in the vlan 100.
Switch1(config-vlan)#switchport mode access -> assinging access mode.
Switch1(config-vlan)#switchport access vlan 100 -> to assing vlan access.
Switch1(config-vlan)#description Giga -> to assing a description to the port.

Note: Switchport voice vlan 10, to indicate that vlan10 is voice VLAN and vlan10 traffic will be tagged in 802.1q frame as moved from the switch to phone and we separate the traffic.


Allow trunk port in cisco switch-

In this step, we are going to give trunk access to a port, we are allowing VLAN id 10,15 and 98.

#switchport nonegotiate-> To turn off dynamic trunking protocol.

In this post, we have learned how to create new VLAN, add a port to VLAN, assign access or trunk mode to port. set name and password to switch.

If you are still having some query please comment us.

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